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The Circle Story

Circle Collective is a charity and streetwear store that work in partnership to get disadvantaged young people into permanent, life-changing work. The charity arm runs our successful Get Employed programme while our social enterprise is a streetwear store that serves as a training ground for young people and reinvests all profits back into the charity. Everything you buy from our stores and website helps a young person into work!

Our Get Employed programme provides tailored support to young people to address barriers to employment. This includes CV support, employability and confidence-building workshops, one-to-one mentoring, interview practice, and opportunities to meet employers.

Most of the young people we work with can’t get a job through lack of experience. But they can’t get experience because they can’t get a job. Currently, 46% of the young people who come to us lack any work experience at all. To overcome this, all trainees on our programme do shifts in our social enterprise, providing them with much needed, structured work experience.

Since 2012, we have now helped over 300 young people into permanent work 16-30. Over 75% of young people who complete our course have a job at the end of it. This means we offer a strong return on investment, with £4.66 of social value is generated from every £1 we spend. Our goal is to help 500 young people into work by the end of 2020.

If you're a young person visit the 'Get Hired' section of our website to join!

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