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Ambition Radio

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My journey with music starts with being about 3 years old sitting on my dads lap while he bumped me about on he’s knee listening to the likes of Nate King Cole just to mention one,I can remember being mesmerised with hes old radio gram if you don’t know what that is look it up lol but it’s like a side chest with speakers and a deck inside,watching the arm drop down on the records and the mechanism sounds and the anticipation of the music starting used to make me buzz,had to stop though as I got in trouble after I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped the record with my hand and make it go backwards…..disco was my first love and dancing,I won my first dancing competition at the age of 7,I come from a big family and I’m the last so my music flavour mainly came from my siblings,revival,lovers rock,raregroove soul, I started going to clubs and when I was 17 found acid house whiched changed everything,after years of clubbing to that then rnb,hip hop,then to jungle and the garage, after raving for years in all the normal places……..I then bought a pair of technics 1210 mk 2’s and started to practice,and thats when I love for house started,after 6 months I found myself on my first pirate radio station and my love for house growing on a dailey basis,fast forward after djing in many bars clubs stations whatever happens in life…..My need for house music and music in general will never stop and I know I am blessed if I have just one person listen to anything I’ve mixed as that the best expression of who I am and spreading the love of music is heaven to me