First there was Susie, a creative soul with a technical mind and a love for music and dancing. Then there was the analog vinyl days of Lady DJ Essence, who then in 00’S progressed through a digital media education and hence became DJitalEssence until August 2015 when it felt right for an evolutionary change to ONLY ESSENCE. She is an artist of many creative tangents who works from the heart with passion and determination. You may follow her activity on Twitter & Facebook, or read her deeper writings/poetry via WordPress, links 

Originally a DJ in the analog years on London’s House and Garage scene (1995-2002) Lady DJ Essence left London and returned home to Scotland to further her education and heal her drained and broken soul. She progressed through an HND Multimedia with Web Design (Merited), a BSc Audio Technology with Multimedia and lastly studied a Masters in Music Innovation & Entrepreneurship..

She began experimenting and self learning in music production around 2002 in parallel with the other courses she was formally studying and used this creative outlet as her therapy and healing space throughout the confusing emotional inner journey she was on.

Following a short business start up course in 2009, DJitalEssence began to build her vision for Vital Grooves initially as a platform for her own music and multimedia creativity.

Towards the end of 2011 DJitalEssence worked hard to polish up her back catalog of tracks and uploaded them to Bandcamp as demo’s and examples of her work.

Since the beginning of 2012 she has been churning out new tracks and continued to do her best to build Vital Grooves Label, her baby, her vision, on a shoe string budget with sheer determination and creativity, utilising her learnt skills, building on them as required.

During this artistic and holistic decade of evolution DJitalEssence fought hard to challenge her mind, body and soul to become better and find happiness. She began running with Race for Life 5K in 2008 and continued every year with longer 10K’s and then half marathon distances until in 2012 she ran her first full marathon in Edinburgh. She continues to run every year now just aiming for better PB’s, 2013 she hit The Great Scottish Run in under 2 hours for the first time. She finds running a great source of balance and strength. In 2014 due to ill health she couldn’t do much running, even walking was a challenge but thankfully in 2015 after a battle things have improved, now cycling as well and looking forwards to the Great Scottish Run 2015 Half Marathon challenge and plenty more in the future!

Her music productions are a fusion of all sorts of influences and tangents from the roots of house music with glimmers of 80’s retro-ness, dub, UKG, broken beats, deepness, soulfulness, electronica, electro, acid, rave etc. She expresses herself with the instrument she has available to her, the computer, along with a bunch of samples, music software packages, VST’s, pluggins, a midi keyboard and a mic.

As a completely self producing female artist, she has to wear many hats to publish, promote and maintain the progression of all she does.There is no machine working behind DJitalEssence, she has been and is still currently the machine that outputs EVERYTHING you see and hear connected to her and the Vital Grooves brand at present…her journey continues…an artist with a dream working independently from a node somewhere on this matrix…

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