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KLove is me!

I am free!

I am still learning to fully understand me!

KLove is Love, light and Evolving Beauty!

Black woman of strong Black women!

KLove is me!

From a young age I have had what I now know to be an overactive mind. I have always had noise in my head, more thoughts than I could concentrate on and I have always found it difficult to quiet my mind!

I am a sensitive, emotional, reactive, over thinker! I strive to do everything with perfection and I Love hard!

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realised that all of the writing I had been doing, all the diaries kept as child or the stories written, were a form of “Therapy” for me and had been what had kept me going. I just knew that I loved to read, I loved to write and that I needed to write things down.

I now know that what I had/have been doing is what I call “Writing My Feelings Out” and “Writing to Save Myself from Myself.”

I have to do this to make way for the millions of thoughts, feelings, emotions that encapsulate my mind. It’s like a shedding of emotion as opposed to skin.

Sometimes my feelings maybe emotional, sometimes sad, happy, lustful, painful or just random.

Writing My Feelings Out has been and will always be my escape and a release. It feels natural. I get it (whatever it may be) off of my spirit.

When I Love I do so with every fibre of my being and I find that the Love that I have never leaves me. Even though the person that I Loved may have left!

Love is such a powerful energy, the most powerful in my view. Despite the pain and disappointment that it often brings, I won’t give up on it or on my pursuit of it!

Sometimes when I write it rhymes sometimes it doesn’t.

Some will call it poetry.

I will always class my writing as just me “Writing My Feelings Out.”

Sharing and writing publicly is new to me, but I hope that some of what has been written and expressed in my book will inspire and encourage others to “Write Their Feelings Out” also.

I know 1st hand how it is to feel as though no one gets or will get you, to feel as though no one will understand, to feel trapped and deafened by the loudness of the quiet around you!

But if you write it out you may find that you feel less consumed by it all. If only for a short while.

I am still trying to get used to all my stuff being out there but I am doing this for a reason.

I truly believe that I am meant to help others who have been where I have been and been through what I have.

I believe in writing as therapy as writing has kept me sane!

So I am doing this to encourage and empower others and also because I believe in Love and I want us as a people to get back to a place of self worth, self Love, morals, marriage, values etc.

About KLoveism

Reading my blog will be the best way to learn more about me and kloveism! Kloveism is A-biographical poetry, love, light, colour, peace!

Love Is not always pretty!

Kloveism is a movement! Speaking on, promoting, Reclaiming Love! Reclaiming souls, Reclaiming, Supporting and Uplifting each other!

Kloveism is simply me!

Email: kloveism@gmail.com
Twitter: @kloveism
Instagram: @kloveism
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